Optimization & Reliability

Maximize the Value of Existing Assets

CWA strives to offer the greatest value to our clients' capital projects and maintenance and operations teams through value engineering, system optimization, and our ASSET Reliability Division.

We excel in operational improvement projects, including efficiency and optimization assessments, de-bottlenecking studies, and environmental and dust control initiatives, helping our clients realize significant savings in capital, maintenance, and operations costs.

System Optimization

Realize Latent Value

Optimizing existing processes and control systems can significantly reduce capital, operations, maintenance, and indirect costs. Our goal is to maximize our clients' productivity while improving efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, competitiveness, and safety.

24/7 Responsiveness

There's No Substitute for Boots on the Ground

CWA's ASSET Reliability Division provides clients with 24/7 responsive services for:

  • Equipment and infrastructure inspections.
  • Maintenance, modernization, and repair projects.
  • System audits, testing, and commissioning.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Systems monitoring.

Your Partner in Maintenance & Asset Management

Our ASSET Reliability Division regularly assists clients in developing effective maintenance management systems that provide well-structured data and tailored reporting to allow more informed decision-making. CWA's customized maintenance strategies begin with a thorough assessment of each unique client's priorities and business goals and an analysis of their assets' functional requirements.

Utilizing WICS, our in-house, proprietary inspection and reporting application, clients can receive the most relevant, up-to-date data at their fingertips. CWA's engineers conduct regular inspections that utilize performance metrics to determine and track the condition of in-service equipment and structures, reducing unplanned downtime and the need for costly unexpected repairs.

Our condition-based approach to maintenance management systems ensures that investment and maintenance decisions are made with full knowledge of the asset's condition and that requests for capital funding or maintenance spending are backed up by hard data. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used to measure performance, ultimately enabling our clients to optimize the life of and extract the maximum value from their assets.