Feasibility Studies

Chart the Best Path Forward

CWA understands that the earliest stages of a project can significantly impact its success throughout the rest of its lifecycle. We perform scoping, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies to determine a project's viability, enable our clients to make informed decisions on how to progress the project, and provide direction on the path to completion.

By leveraging our team's comprehensive expertise in project management from concept through commissioning, as well as our direct operational experience, we are able to identify and mitigate risks at the initial project stages and reduce overall development and operational costs.

CWA's capabilities include:

  • Preliminary economic analysis.
  • Site selection and routing.
  • Development of block flow diagrams and process flow diagrams.
  • Preparation of material and energy balances.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Energy optimization assessments.
  • Preliminary layout design.
  • Trade-off studies.
  • Capital and operating cost estimates.
  • Permitting assistance.