CWA provides solutions from heat and energy generation through electrical distribution to power our homes and our industry.

Power Generation

Traditional Energy

CWA's experience with coal-fired generating stations begins with the mine site infrastructure and material handling systems and extends to the equipment within the power station. We also have experience with natural gas compressors, gas turbine/generators, and their associated process piping and pollution control systems.

Alternative Energy

CWA recognizes the importance of sustainability to the long-term health of our planet and our economy. Our experience in the renewable energy sector includes:

  • Hydroelectric dams and generating stations.
  • Biomass cogeneration plants (also known as combined heat and power plants).
  • Waste to energy facilities.
  • Solar panels.
  • Wind turbines.

Power Distribution

Our electrical department is experienced in high, medium, and low-voltage power distribution. We have designed electrical substations for the electrical grid as well as for industrial applications.

Energy Optimization

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance member and a SaskPower Efficiency Partner, CWA is extensively involved in initiatives to minimize electrical consumption across heavy industry. We have performed over 30 facility audits, helping our clients to fully utilize their existing assets and maximize their overall energy efficiency.

During the identification phase, we provide a non-biased approach to help our clients prioritize and plan their energy optimization expenditure, as well as project development support including budgeting and scheduling assistance to ensure that projects are executed smoothly and efficiently. Our engineers excel in the detailed design of optimization projects including the modification and replacement of equipment and structures in complex brownfield environments.