Asset Reliability

CWA's ASSET (Assessment, Sustainability, Safety, Enhancement, and Testing) Reliability Division provides responsive asset management services to prolong the service life and enable the safe operation of equipment and infrastructure. We work closely with our clients' maintenance and operations personnel to provide engineering, procurement, and project management services for:

  • Equipment and structure inspections.
  • Modernization, maintenance, and repair projects.
  • Maintenance engineering and planning.
  • System audits, testing, and commissioning.
  • Asset management plan development.

Our inspectors are also design engineers, providing them with the unique ability to easily identify problem areas, damage, deterioration, and safety-related problems; advise on repair methods to minimize operational impacts; and develop prioritized repair plans.

With extensive experience on a variety of industrial sites over a range of industries, our multidisciplinary team is able to provide quick responses and turnaround times to ensure reliable performance and mitigate operational downtime. Our 24/7 emergency call-out number ensures that our clients are able to contact us around the clock.

Wireless Inspection Cloud System (WICS)

Developed in-house for our ASSET Reliability Division, our state-of-the-art inspection program uses wireless technology and a custom software application to document, store, and process data in the field and streamline the way condition inspections are conducted, the way reports are prepared, and the way reports are delivered to our clients.

Easy Access to Inspection Data

WICS expedites the report preparation process to provide fast access to inspection data. By using the WICS iOS application during on-site condition inspections, CWA's field personnel are able to quickly input and log accurate and detailed findings. Once field personnel return to the office, findings from multiple devices are easily compiled into a report using the web-based application, improving report turnaround time.

Fully Customizable

Our customized inspection report template can produce condition assessment report information to match client-specific requirements in either .docx or .pdf format. Application programming interface (API) formatting allows WICS information to be imported directly to any asset management software. In-house development enables CWA to work closely with our clients to provide customized web and iOS interfaces to suit individual needs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspections

Our drone inspection technology allows for versatile access capabilities and increased inspection efficiency by eliminating the need for swing stages, scaffolding, and crane access. The drone’s ability to inspect live assets eliminates risk and the need for costly shutdowns for the purpose of inspections. High-quality video (4K definition) captured by the drone results in accurate, detailed data that is used to prepare inspection reports or identify areas for follow-up with manual inspection. Our UAV inspections result in safe, fast, accurate, and reliable data that saves our clients both time and money.