Project details

Hudson Resources’ White Mountain mine produces anorthosite, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to common components of fibreglass, alumina, paint, paint fillers, and white cement.

Hudson Resources engaged CWA during the planning stages of the White Mountain mine to help bring their vision to a reality. CWA performed the preliminary and detailed design of the process plant and storage area and performed a design assessment of the deep-sea berth.


The challenges of a remote site and difficult terrain required a design with a minimal footprint that could be easily constructed.


The original concept for the process plant split the processing areas between two separate buildings. CWA optimized the equipment layouts to fit the entire process plant within a 20-metre by 30-metre by 15-metre-high building, which significantly reduced capital costs.

CWA was also responsible for the layout of the 45-metre by 90-metre by 22-metre-high product storage building that is capable of holding 28,000 tonnes of anorthosite.

From the detailed equipment arrangements, CWA worked with the selected equipment vendors to finalize the process plant design. Working in parallel with the 2D design, CWA developed a full 3D model of the process plant, which was vital for plant optimization and constructability reviews with Hudson Resources and other key project stakeholders.

CWA provided on-site assistance during the final construction and commissioning stages, aiding Hudson Resources in the successful start-up of their process plant.