​Project details

The Red Dog mine, one of the largest zinc mines in the world, uses two lightering barges to transport zinc and lead concentrates from the port facility to ocean-going bulk carrier vessels at deep-water offshore anchorage. CWA was engaged to carry out an inspection of the material handling equipment, including a self-unloading belt conveyor system, aboard the two barges and to perform a detailed review of the barges’ current maintenance program.


CWA conducted the inspection in two phases. Phase 1 included an on-site visual review of the barge equipment in operation in Alaska, an inspection report summarizing the findings of the preliminary inspection, and a recommended scope of work for the Phase 2 inspection. Phase 2 occurred at the barges’ home port in Seattle, Washington and included a detailed visual inspection, non-destructive testing, motion checks, and a thorough documentation and maintenance program review.

CWA produced final reports for each of the two barges including:

  • A prioritized summary of the findings.
  • Estimates of the barges’ remaining serviceable lives.
  • Repair recommendations.
  • Estimated budget summaries for the repairs.

A report was also prepared that summarized the maintenance program review and provided recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the program.