Project details:

In order to mitigate safety and quality risks and prevent catastrophic incidents, Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) has implemented a program to inspect and monitor key assets at their cement terminals, quarries, and other manufacturing facilities. Under the program, Lafarge engaged CWA to perform inspections of 15 cement terminals throughout western Canada and northwestern USA.


CWA visited each cement terminal to complete a visual inspection and assess the condition of structural elements including concrete and steel silos, mill buildings and warehouses, truck loading tunnels, docks and other marine structures, and support steel.

Following the inspections, a report was prepared for each terminal that included:

  • A summary of the risks related to the condition of the structures at each facility, integrating any resolved risks, the reassessment of previous risks or their mitigation, and new risks identified during CWA’s inspection.
  • The assignment of a priority rating indicating the degree of damage/degree of non-conformity/likelihood of failure for each finding.
  • The identification of potential consequences and their associated risk rating.
  • Recommended actions with timelines for each action.