​Project details

CWA assisted Tolko Industries Ltd. with their modernization plan to optimize production and the cutting program at their sawmill in The Pas, Manitoba based on the short-term and long-term log and fibre supply. Equipment was selected to accommodate the optimized processing rate and provide the flexibility required to meet the projected annual log supply. Once the modernization plan was established, CWA provided a range of project services including detailed engineering, project management, and construction management assistance for the project.


The modernization of the mill included:

  • Extensively upgrading the entire log infeed and sort system to provide production flexibility.
  • Replacing an existing large log line with a double-length infeed (DLI) canter and curve sawing system.
  • Installing a high-speed single-pass small log processing system.
  • Upgrading the entire residual collection system.

CWA also provided a detailed shutdown schedule and construction supervision for the installation of the new and relocated equipment to minimize downtime.