​Project details

CWA was initially engaged by Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) to perform a load capacity analysis of two existing timber structures, an approach trestle and a portion of the main wharf, to identify their safe working load capacity. As part of the analysis, CWA performed a site visit and condition inspection to identify repairs that would be required in order to achieve a safe working load that met Lafarge’s needs. After developing a rehabilitation plan to address the necessary repairs and replacements, CWA performed the detailed design of the items outlined in the rehabilitation plan.


CWA developed a phased approach to the work, encompassing the rehabilitation strategy development, the detailed design, a project cost estimate, and construction and post-construction services.

The detailed design included the following elements:

  • A new support structure for the approach trestle, including steel pipe piles and beams.
  • A new unloader hoist tower.
  • The replacement of the unloader timber transfer platform.
  • A new support structure for the berth catwalk.
  • A new barge ramp abutment.
  • New barge ramp lifting towers.
  • New warping winches for 7,800-tonne barges.
  • Modifications to the main wharf to accommodate the new barge ramp.