​Project details

After conducting a condition inspection of one of the berths at Neptune Bulk Terminals (NBT) that found exposed and corroded pre-stressed strands on one of the rail beams, CWA designed and implemented a temporary steel splice plate repair that would allow the berth to safely continue operations while a permanent repair was developed.

A later marine inspection and assessment of all concrete T-beams at the berth, also conducted by CWA, resulted in a recommendation to replace the rail beam within one year. NBT requested that CWA develop construction, demolition, and installation drawings for the replacement.


CWA developed a phased ten-year replacement/maintenance plan for all of the rail beams at the berth, along with a projected cost estimate. Multiple concepts for demolition and installation from various contractors were investigated and CWA provided NBT with recommendations for options that would allow operations to continue safely while lowering costs and decreasing the berth shutdown time.

CWA provided issued for construction (IFC) drawings for the beam replacement and conducted field reviews following construction, including reviews of:

  • The existing T-beam and plinth concrete and rebar.
  • The new pile cap diaphragm and plinth reinforcement.
  • The splice connections between the new and existing T-beams.

The rebar installation was completed ahead of schedule, enabling the plinth concrete curing schedule, which was on the critical path, to be accelerated. CWA monitored the concrete pours and performed concrete testing to confirm that the concrete exceeded the required average compressive strength.