Project details

CWA was the prime consultant for the installation of a new service elevator and ducting system in an existing 60-metre-deep airshaft to allow personnel and rescue access to the underground galleries of the Cleveland Dam. The new elevator is capable of carrying four people, an injured worker and a stretcher, or a specified payload of tools and equipment.

This project was the winner of the ACEC BC People’s Choice Poll in 2013.


The purpose of the existing airshaft was originally to allow air to be channelled to two Howell Bunger valves located at the bottom of the airshaft. Because of the wet environment, the new elevator would be at risk of corrosion or icing problems.


CWA verified the air flow and water and ice build-up inside the airshaft. To eliminate the risk of wet or freezing air in the open shaft causing corrosion or icing problems, ducting was designed and installed to provide a dedicated air path to the valves. Several rings of gutters were installed in strategic locations to provide further protection from the misty environment.

CWA designed the airshaft building with a removable roof hatch that will provide easy access to the elevator and ducting for future projects, such as the planned addition of power generation equipment.