​Project details

CWA assisted Riverside Forest Products (now Tolko Industries) with the selection and installation of major equipment and the complete building structure for a 20MW biomass cogeneration plant in Armstrong, British Columbia. The cogeneration plant converts wood waste into renewable energy in steam and power, producing steam for an on-site veneer plant and exporting power to the USA.


The project became viable with the sourcing of a well-conditioned steam boiler, turbine generator/air-cooled condensers, and a building, supported by sound engineering and the selection of knowledgeable contractors to refurbish and improve the equipment and structures.

The work included dismantling and reinstalling the following equipment from existing plants in California:

  • A 330,000lb/hr 875psig 900°F boiler proper.
  • A 20MW extraction/condensing turbine.
  • Air-cooled condensers.
  • Auxiliary equipment.
  • The building structure.

CWA also assisted with the equipment transportation logistics, which were well-planned and well-executed.

CWA’s engineering services for the project included:

  • Process integration.
  • Civil, structural, piping, and materials handling design.
  • On-site construction engineering.
  • Start-up assistance.

The project was fast-tracked from financing to permitting, community and in-house support, design coordination, and installation.