Preventative Maintenance Program

Client Need: Neptune Bulk Terminals (NBTL) had just completed expansion projects that upgraded the terminal’s capacity from 12.5 MTPA in 2017 to 22 MTPA in 2021. The terminal’s previous capacity had been 12.5 MTPA up until 2021. NBTL recognized that this increase in terminal throughput will result in less time available for planned maintenance activities,… Read More

Potash Shed 1 System — Predictive Maintenance Program

Client Need: Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd. (NBTL) needed to forecast the maintenance program for the existing potash storage system (108,000 tonnes) at Shed 1, established to a 10-year time horizon. The desired outcomes of the maintenance-program study were to forecast annual costs along with schedule intervals for the works necessary to facilitate continued safe… Read More

Equipment Fatigue Analysis

Project details: Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd. (formerly, Ridley Terminals Inc. (RTI)) operates a bulk materials handling terminal, located at Prince Rupert’s Ridley Island, for the export of metallurgical coal, thermal coal, petroleum coke. CWA was retained by RTI to conduct a fatigue analysis and service life prediction of their major materials handling equipment, including two… Read More

Shiploader Spill Containment Pans

CWA was commissioned by Kinder Morgan to design a fully-enclosed, self-cleaning containment pan system at Berth 4 of the Vancouver Wharves site to reduce product spillage, allow for product recycling, and mitigate potential environmental risks.

Shiploader Design Review

Independent design review of a gantry style shiploader for a bulk handling terminal in the United Arab Emirates.

New Cargo Study

Project details Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership Inc. (Westshore) operates the busiest single coal export terminal in North America. As part of a plan to diversify their product base, Westshore engaged CWA as the lead consultant in a consulting group (consisting of RF Binnie & Associates Ltd., enCompass Solutions Group, Braun Geotechnical Ltd., and Naesgaard-Amini Geotechnical… Read More

Cement Terminal Dock and Barge Ramp Rehabilitation

Project Details: Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) retained CWA to develop a multi-phased plan to rehabilitate and upgrade aging marine infrastructure at their cement plant, located in Richmond, B.C. Under Phase 1 of this project, CWA assessed the existing marine infrastructure at the cement plant’s riverside berth and subsequently developed a rehabilitation plan to address the… Read More

Ingo/Outgo Dumper Systems Upgrade

Project Details: Ridley Terminals Inc. (RTI) has been one of North America’s leading coal export terminals for nearly 40 years. In order to meet current and future throughput demands, RTI planned to replace aging equipment within their railcar unloading facility. CWA was retained by RTI as the prime consultant responsible for the engineering, procurement, and… Read More

Vanscoy Potash Operations Rail Yard Expansion

Project details: CWA completed the conceptual and detailed design of the rail yard expansion at Vanscoy Potash Operations as part of a larger mine and plant expansion. The rail yard expansion project included the addition of rail car storage tracks and a run-around spur line. CWA was responsible for: The detailed civil design, detailed lighting… Read More

Wet Milling Facility Inspection & Repairs

Project details: CWA was engaged by Agrium Inc. (now Nutrien Limited) to conduct a review of the existing mill structure in the wet milling facility at their potash mine in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan. Following the inspection, CWA was asked to perform the conceptual and detailed design and provide construction support services for a retrofit of the… Read More

Cement Terminal Inspections

Project details: In order to mitigate safety and quality risks and prevent catastrophic incidents, Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) has implemented a program to inspect and monitor key assets at their cement terminals, quarries, and other manufacturing facilities. Under the program, Lafarge engaged CWA to perform inspections of 15 cement terminals throughout western Canada and northwestern… Read More

Coastal Vulnerability Studies

Project details Indigenous Services Canada, in partnership with coastal First Nations in British Columbia, is seeking to understand the risks posed to infrastructure and assets in coastal communities from flooding due to climate change, storm events, and earthquakes. CWA was commissioned to work with communities located on the north coast and mid-coast of British Columbia… Read More

Strander Feed Assist

​Project details CWA assisted Weyerhaeuser Trus Joist (formerly Weyerhaeuser iLevel) with the mechanical and structural design for new infeed equipment to provide an automatic veneer finishing system in tandem with ergonomically-designed manual feeding stations for the production of Parallam™, the world’s only commercially-manufactured and marketed parallel strand lumber product. Solutions The two infeed lines were… Read More

Site C Crusher Dust Suppression

​Project details BC Hydro’s Site C Project, the third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast British Columbia, is expected to produce 5,100 gigawatt hours of energy each year for over a century. Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP) holds the main civil works contract for the project. CWA was retained by… Read More

Site C RCC Insulation Hold Down

​Project details BC Hydro’s Site C Project, the third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast British Columbia, is expected to produce 5,100 gigawatt hours each year for over a century. Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP) holds the main civil works contract for the project. To meet BC Hydro’s requirements, PRHP… Read More

Seymour Dam Spillway Gate

​Project details CWA was retained by Metro Vancouver to design a new hydraulically-actuated spillway gate in one of the twelve spillway bays on the Seymour Falls Dam, which impounds a reservoir that supplies approximately one third of the drinking water for the Metro Vancouver region. The new gate allows environmental flexibility for the yearly fish… Read More

Cement Railcar Loadout Upgrades

Project details Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge)’s Exshaw cement plant has been in operation for over a century. To meet the future demands of the construction industry, Lafarge increased the capacity of the Exshaw plant by 60 percent with their Kiln 6 expansion project, making it the largest producer of cement in Canada. Completion of the… Read More

​New Pebble Crushing Facility

Project details The Highland Valley Copper mine is Canada’s largest open pit mine, producing both copper and molybdenum concentrates. As part of the 2011 mill optimization project, which sought to increase the mine’s average throughput by approximately ten percent, CWA designed a completely new pebble crushing circuit and crushing building including a 300-tonne surge bin,… Read More

​Cleveland Dam Airshaft Elevator

Project details CWA was the prime consultant for the installation of a new service elevator and ducting system in an existing 60-metre-deep airshaft to allow personnel and rescue access to the underground galleries of the Cleveland Dam. The new elevator is capable of carrying four people, an injured worker and a stretcher, or a specified… Read More

​Primary Crusher Relocation

Project details The Highland Valley Copper mine is Canada’s largest open pit copper mine and produces both copper and molybdenum concentrates. CWA developed the project execution plan and performed the detailed civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design for the relocation of primary crusher #4. The project included: The relocation of two 1,000-metre-long overland conveyors with… Read More

Wood Chip Barge Unloading, Distribution & Reclaim Systems

Project details CWA was engaged by Harmac Pacific (formerly Pope & Talbot) to provide engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the reconfiguration of the entire wood chip unloading, distribution, and reclaim systems at the pulp mill in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Solutions CWA was responsible for the initial concept and the detailed design of all… Read More

Compost Facility

Project details CWA was engaged by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) to provide engineering services for the design and construction of a new composting facility. The project was launched as part of RMOW’s “Whistler 2020 – Moving Toward a Sustainable Future” integrated community sustainability plan with the goal of reducing the amount of solid… Read More

Spy Hill Aggregate Plant

Project details Lafarge Canada Inc.’s Spy Hill aggregate plant is an automated high-capacity screening, crushing, and washing plant that can crush approximately 1,000 tons per hour and was approximately 700 tons per hour. As the prime engineering consultant, CWA was responsible for the civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical detailed design along with establishing and controlling… Read More

​Wood Chip Transhipment System

Project details Robert Allan Ltd., Canada’s most senior consulting naval architecture firm, was recently engaged to design a system for transporting wood chips by barge to a transhipment zone and then loading them into Handymax-sized vessels for export. Robert Allan Ltd. contacted CWA for assistance with developing a material handling system for transloading the chips… Read More

​Wood Chip Unloading System

​Project details CWA was engaged by Canadian Forest Products (Canfor) to provide engineering and project management for a new wood chip unloading system at its pulp mill in Prince George, British Columbia. Solutions CWA provided engineering and project management for the wood chip unloading system including a 125-ton combination railcar/truck dumper and an outstocking conveyor… Read More

​OSB Plant Log Pond & Green End Modifications

​Project details CWA was engaged by Louisiana-Pacific to design a heated log thaw pond and associated conveying equipment for the oriented strand board (OSB) plant in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Challenges Process piping for heating the log thaw pond was innovatively designed to withstand a corrosive, humid environment and extreme cold weather conditions. Conveyor chains… Read More

​Truck Dump & Outstocking Conveyor System

​Project details CWA was engaged by Harmac Pacific (formerly Pope & Talbot) to upgrade the chip receiving, outstocking, reclaiming, and storage facilities at the pulp mill near Nanaimo, British Columbia. The upgrade provided Harmac Pacific with the flexibility to balance the ever-changing fibre supply on the coast and meet the mill’s chip consumption requirements. Solutions… Read More

​20MW Cogeneration Plant

​Project details CWA assisted Riverside Forest Products (now Tolko Industries) with the selection and installation of major equipment and the complete building structure for a 20MW biomass cogeneration plant in Armstrong, British Columbia. The cogeneration plant converts wood waste into renewable energy in steam and power, producing steam for an on-site veneer plant and exporting… Read More

​Sawmill Modernization

​Project details CWA assisted Tolko Industries Ltd. with their modernization plan to optimize production and the cutting program at their sawmill in The Pas, Manitoba based on the short-term and long-term log and fibre supply. Equipment was selected to accommodate the optimized processing rate and provide the flexibility required to meet the projected annual log… Read More

New Minerals Terminal

​Project details On an annual basis, 2.3 million tonnes of mineral concentrates were being shipped out of the Port of Callao, located within the Lima Metropolitan Area in Peru. The opening of new mines and production increases at existing mines were expected to increase throughput to as much as six million tonnes per year. The… Read More

​Limestone and Nickel Concentrate Conveyor Systems

​Project details CWA was retained to design the offloading and process conveyor systems for Vale-Inco’s Long Harbour limestone and nickel concentrate processing facility. The systems are comprised of 15 separate conveyors totalling 1,400 metres in length, including: A 602-metre fully-enclosed tubular offloading conveyor from the wharf to the storage building. A 114-metre tripper conveyor including… Read More

​OSB Plant Conveyor System

​Project details CWA provided the detailed design of the complete conveyor system for the greenfield oriented strand board (OSB) facility, including: Log-handling infeed conveyors. Rake-flight conveyors. Idler and slider belt conveyors. Hog fuel-handling chain and belt conveyors. Hydraulic and electro-mechanical drive units. Emergency fire dump and diverter gates. Electric and pneumatic actuator systems. Automated conveyor… Read More

​Oyu Tolgoi Mine Concentrate Bagging System

​Project details The Oyu Tolgoi mine, located 550km south of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and 80km north of the Mongolia-China border, is one of the largest copper-gold projects in the world. CWA performed engineering and procurement services for the finished product export system at the mine including the world’s largest bagging system for cohesive… Read More

​Oyu Tolgoi Mine Concentrate Storage Building

​Project details The Oyu Tolgoi mine, located 550km south of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and 80km north of the Mongolia-China border, is one of the largest copper-gold projects in the world. CWA was responsible for the design of the structural steel for the concentrate storage building. Challenges The mine’s location in the south Gobi… Read More

​Richmond Terminal Marine Infrastructure Rehabilitation

​Project details CWA was initially engaged by Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) to perform a load capacity analysis of two existing timber structures, an approach trestle and a portion of the main wharf, to identify their safe working load capacity. As part of the analysis, CWA performed a site visit and condition inspection to identify repairs… Read More

​Landside/Seaside Grain Terminal Inspection

​Project Details The Cargill grain terminal in North Vancouver, British Columbia handles wheat, durum, canola, barley, and grain by-products. CWA was engaged to complete an inspection of the terminal to help ensure that it was in a safe structural condition and that there was safe access for personnel working in the facility. Challenges The inspection… Read More

​Rail Beam Assessment & Rehabilitation

​Project details After conducting a condition inspection of one of the berths at Neptune Bulk Terminals (NBT) that found exposed and corroded pre-stressed strands on one of the rail beams, CWA designed and implemented a temporary steel splice plate repair that would allow the berth to safely continue operations while a permanent repair was developed…. Read More

​Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Suction Isolation Gates

​Project details The Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant provides secondary treatment to wastewater from approximately 172,000 residents in Richmond, British Columbia. CWA was selected by Metro Vancouver to provide a method to individually isolate each of the five raw sewage pumps for periodic preventative maintenance. Challenges The work area in the wet well is classified… Read More

Red Dog Lightering Barges Maintenance Review

​Project details The Red Dog mine, one of the largest zinc mines in the world, uses two lightering barges to transport zinc and lead concentrates from the port facility to ocean-going bulk carrier vessels at deep-water offshore anchorage. CWA was engaged to carry out an inspection of the material handling equipment, including a self-unloading belt… Read More

​Merry Island Solar Panels and Wind Turbine

​Project details Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) planned to install a series of solar panels and a wind turbine at the coast guard base on Merry Island, a small island near the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. CWA was engaged to design a support frame and foundation system for the solar panels, as well as… Read More

​Nootka Island Small Craft Marine Structures

​Project details Access to the light station on Nootka Island was limited, requiring transport by helicopter and favourable weather conditions. This presented a challenge to the lighthouse keepers and coast guard operations throughout the year. As a result, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) sought to install a small craft dock to supplement operations. CWA was… Read More

​White Mountain Mine Anorthosite Process Plant

Project details Hudson Resources’ White Mountain mine produces anorthosite, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to common components of fibreglass, alumina, paint, paint fillers, and white cement. Hudson Resources engaged CWA during the planning stages of the White Mountain mine to help bring their vision to a reality. CWA performed the preliminary and detailed design of the… Read More

​Ready-Mix Harbour Plant

​Project details CWA was retained by Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) as the prime consultant responsible for engineering, procurement, and construction management services for a new ready-mix facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. The project included the following elements: A barge berth designed to accommodate 6,000-tonne barges. A 1,400 t/h barge unloading and stacking conveyor system. Aggregate… Read More

​Vista Coal Project Bankable Feasibility Study

Project Details CWA completed a bankable feasibility study for the Vista coal project, which will produce six million tonnes of coal per year once the open-pit mine is operational. The coal will be exported through Ridley Terminals in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The mine will include: Two 1,500 t/h process plants. A thermal dryer building…. Read More

​Coal Capacity Upgrade

Project details CWA provided EPCM services to Neptune Bulk Terminals to increase the capacity of its metallurgical (steel-making) coal export facility from 8.5 million tonnes per year to 12.5 million tonnes per year. The project included the installation of a new stacker/reclaimer and a related conveyor system rated at 8,000 tonnes per hour. Challenges As… Read More

​Potash Ship Loading System Expansion

Project details CWA performed the detailed design of an expansion project to increase the handling capacity of an existing potash facility from six million tonnes per year to ten million tonnes per year. The project included a new 600-tonne capacity surge bin, modifications to an existing conveyor to create a shuttling head end, a new… Read More

​Structural Maintenance Strategy Audit

Project details Cerrejón owns the largest open-pit coal mine and export port in Latin America, which have a capacity of over 32 million tonnes per year and are connected by a 150-kilometre-long railroad. Cerrejón had established structural inspection and maintenance procedures for their mine, railway, and port infrastructure and wanted to bring their system in… Read More

Stewart World Port Marine Structures

Project details Stewart World Port serves the resource industries in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon, exporting commodities such as mineral concentrates, coal, and forestry products and importing break bulk cargo. CWA completed the detailed engineering and procurement of the marine structures for the port, including: A 20-metre by 240-metre wharf capable of accommodating Handymax… Read More