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Cement Railcar Loadout Upgrades

Cement Terminal Inspections

​New Pebble Crushing Facility

​Oyu Tolgoi Mine Concentrate Bagging System

​Cleveland Dam Airshaft Elevator

Wet Milling Facility Inspection & Repairs

​Sawmill Modernization

Strander Feed Assist

​Landside/Seaside Grain Terminal Inspection

​Ready-Mix Harbour Plant

Ingo/Outgo Dumper Systems Upgrade

Vanscoy Potash Operations Rail Yard Expansion

​Merry Island Solar Panels and Wind Turbine

Stewart World Port Marine Structures

Site C Crusher Dust Suppression

​Potash Ship Loading System Expansion

​OSB Plant Conveyor System

​Coal Capacity Upgrade

​Structural Maintenance Strategy Audit

Red Dog Lightering Barges Maintenance Review

Wood Chip Barge Unloading, Distribution & Reclaim Systems

​Oyu Tolgoi Mine Concentrate Storage Building

​Richmond Terminal Marine Infrastructure Rehabilitation

​Nootka Island Small Craft Marine Structures

​Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Suction Isolation Gates

Coastal Vulnerability Studies

​White Mountain Mine Anorthosite Process Plant

Compost Facility

​Wood Chip Transhipment System

​Primary Crusher Relocation

​Limestone and Nickel Concentrate Conveyor Systems

​20MW Cogeneration Plant

Site C RCC Insulation Hold Down

​Rail Beam Assessment & Rehabilitation

​Vista Coal Project Bankable Feasibility Study

​Truck Dump & Outstocking Conveyor System

​Wood Chip Unloading System

New Minerals Terminal

​OSB Plant Log Pond & Green End Modifications

Spy Hill Aggregate Plant

Seymour Dam Spillway Gate