People in Focus: The Great Northern Adventures of Holly Li

– A Senior Mechanical Designer at CWA

CWA’s very own intrepid world traveler, Holly Li, along with her husband Wilson, recently travelled by car to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the Northern Hemisphere, driving all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia to the Arctic Circle in the Yukon.

When Holly is not busy travelling the world or planning her next trip, she enjoys working at CWA in the  mechanical division. Holly has worked at CWA for 22 years, designing and drafting materials handling systems for various industries including wood products, mining, construction materials, and marine terminals.


Holly has a passion for travel and typically takes annual trips all over the world. However, this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Holly and Wilson decided to take a road trip up north that would allow them to be physically distanced from others. The trip spanned 18 days, covering a total distance of 8,300 km (return trip). Holly and Wilson visited some of the most remote and naturally beautiful landscapes in Northern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

Trip highlights included  the colourful vistas of the arctic tundra and a 1-day hike through the renowned Mt Robson Provincial Park Berg Lake Trail. This park’s famous hiking trails draw outdoor enthusiasts from around the world and include sites such as the glacial Berg Lake, Kinney Lake, and the famous Emperor Falls, with a drop of 46 metres at an elevation of 1,615 metres.

Holly and Wilson completed the 44-kilometre hike in 13.5 hours, tracking approximately 62,000 steps to complete the trail. Holly explained that this was a very challenging hike, breaking all their previous records for both distance and level of difficulty.

Holly is also very passionate about her work as a mechanical designer. She enjoys the collaboration and team atmosphere, as well as the challenge of meeting project deadlines. Holly’s other passions, travel and hiking, help to balance the rigours of the job by allowing her to take a break from the desk and immerse herself in the beauty of the places she visits, providing her with new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to recharge and stay fit.

Over the years, Holly has visited both the North and South Poles, and many countries in between. She is already planning her next adventure, a cross-Canada road trip from Vancouver, British Columbia to the Bay of Fundy in Newfoundland.