CWA’s 2023 Innovation Awards

Each year, CWA holds its Innovation Awards event, celebrating the creative efforts of our team in the spirit of friendly competition. It’s an opportunity for our engineers to showcase their novel approaches to design methodology and project development over the course of the past year.

Our entire team, along with family and invited guests, gathered to socialize, celebrate the creative efforts of our engineers, and to learn more about the latest project developments at CWA.

Novel Approaches to Technology, Design Methodology, and Project Development

This year’s competition fielded presentations showcasing innovations in:

  • The use of dynamic simulations and robotic integration in the design of a ground-breaking potash dumping system.
  • A novel steel-cable design concept for conveyors that reduces the weight of the structure, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Optimization of asset management strategies through a novel approach to analysis of existing inspection data.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to the design of steel towers that harmonizes the design of structural components with the technical requirements of the mechanical team, as well as client needs.

Creativity is at Our Core

Engineers are in essence problem-solvers, skilled at devising practical solutions to complex real-world problems. Their ingenuity derives from one of their greatest tools – their creativity.

CWA recognizes the importance of fostering a culture of innovation. We’ve built our business on it and it’s what we do best: solve problems with innovative, cost-effective solutions. We continuously strengthen our culture of innovation and excellence by embracing new technologies and novel approaches to design methodology and project development. Our Innovation Awards event is a celebration of this culture.

As our company continues to grow with an eye toward the future, we will continue to cultivate a community of innovators and stay connected to the values that have been fundamental to our success.