CWA Launches New Wireless Inspection Cloud System

CWA is proud to announce the launch of our wireless inspection cloud system (WICS). Developed for our ASSET Reliability Division, WICS uses the latest technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our inspections program.

Leveraging Technology to Better Serve Our Clients

Building on the success of our previous tablet-based inspections program, WICS streamlines the way condition inspections are conducted, the way reports are prepared, and the way findings and reports are delivered.

By using the WICS iOS application during on-site condition inspections, CWA field personnel are able to quickly input and log accurate and detailed findings. Once field personnel return to the office, reports are easily compiled based on findings from multiple devices using the WICS application, reducing the numbers of hours CWA spends compiling findings, which allows for rapid turnaround times for reporting. Findings are then published to the WICS web-portal, a secure online database where clients can access all previous inspection reports, as well as in-progress reports being prepared by CWA. The database can also be accessed through an iOS application available in the iTunes App Store.

How Can WICS Benefit You?

  • Efficient and safe field inspections
  • Quick and accurate on-site data collection
  • Rapid data integration
  • Expedited turnaround for reporting
  • Easy 24/7 access to inspection reports
  • Secure and encrypted data

Request a Demonstration

To request a demonstration of WICS and its capabilities contact our ASSET Reliability Division at or 604-637-2275.