CWA is Onsite at Trigon Pacific Terminals for the Berth 2 Beyond Carbon (B2BC) Project

CWA’s Construction Management Team Arrives at Trigon Pacific Terminals

CWA’s Construction Management team recently arrived on site at Trigon Pacific Terminals, in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to begin planning and preparation for future anticipated phases of the terminal’s Berth 2 Beyond Carbon (B2BC) project. Trigon’s B2BC Project Manager was on site to meet with CWA representatives. Should the future project phases receive the necessary approvals, CWA’s Construction Management team will be providing on-site construction management services.

Transitioning to Low-Carbon Fuel Alternatives

Trigon’s Berth 2 Beyond Carbon project will nearly double the terminal’s capacity with the aim for the new berth to be used for low-carbon energy exports, such as hydrogen-as-ammonia. In addition to Berth 2, which is now under construction, the B2BC project will also include the construction of land-based Beyond-Carbon infrastructure for commodity unloading and storage. The new berth is scheduled to be operational by 2027.

As noted by Trigon’s CEO, Rob Booker,

“The world is transitioning and so are we…Canada is exceptionally well-positioned to supply the Asia-Pacific with emerging fuels such as ammonia, and we are putting the necessary pieces in place to transform our terminal into a low-carbon energy export hub.”