CWA Innovation Awards 2022

A Culture of Innovation

CWA recently held its 14th Annual Innovation Awards; a tradition that is one of the biggest events on our corporate calendar. It was all the more special this year as we held this event in person for the first time in over 2 years.

The highlights of this year’s presentations included:

  • Innovative advances in the use of 3D modeling technologies in both the structural and mechanical disciplines.
  • Novel data analysis methodology for the forecasting of a 10-year maintenance program and cash flow schedule to facilitate asset management decisions.
  • A unique study that added economic analysis to client scopes of work, extending the value-engineering proposition beyond just technical innovation.

Creativity is at Our Core

Engineers are in essence problem-solvers, skilled at devising practical solutions to complex problems. Their ingenuity derives from one of their greatest tools – their own creativity.

CWA recognizes the importance of fostering a culture of innovation. We’ve built our business on it and it’s what we do best: solve problems with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We continuously strengthen our culture of innovation and excellence by embracing new technologies and novel approaches to design methodology and project development. Our Innovation Awards event is a celebration of this culture.