Construction is Underway at Trigon Pacific Terminals for the B2BC Project

CWA’s construction management team is currently overseeing the development of a new second berth at Trigon Pacific Terminals (Trigon), in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, as part of the terminal’s Berth 2 Beyond Carbon (B2BC) project.

B2BC and the accompanying proposed storage and handling infrastructure are an integral component of the terminal’s diversification strategy to pivot toward the handling of low carbon energy exports. B2BC marine works are scheduled for completion later this year, with the land-based infrastructure planned for completion by 2028.

Activities associated with the B2BC marine works construction are well underway, with the building of an underwater reef to support the local fish habitat now completed.

The team is currently working to install steel pile foundations for marine structures that will include loading platforms, berthing and mooring structures, equipment, and hardware, in addition to stop dolphins, access trestles, and conveyor support bents.

Once completed, the new second berth will have capacity for Supramax to Panamax vessels and Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) vessels with lengths of up to 200-230 meters and breadth of 36-38 meters.