Cement Terminal Dock and Barge Ramp Rehabilitation

Project Details: Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) retained CWA to develop a multi-phased plan to rehabilitate and upgrade aging marine infrastructure at their cement plant, located in Richmond, B.C. Under Phase 1 of this project, CWA assessed the existing marine infrastructure at the cement plant’s riverside berth and subsequently developed a rehabilitation plan to address the… Read More

Cement Terminal Inspections

Project details: In order to mitigate safety and quality risks and prevent catastrophic incidents, Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) has implemented a program to inspect and monitor key assets at their cement terminals, quarries, and other manufacturing facilities. Under the program, Lafarge engaged CWA to perform inspections of 15 cement terminals throughout western Canada and northwestern… Read More

Cement Railcar Loadout Upgrades

Project details Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge)’s Exshaw cement plant has been in operation for over a century. To meet the future demands of the construction industry, Lafarge increased the capacity of the Exshaw plant by 60 percent with their Kiln 6 expansion project, making it the largest producer of cement in Canada. Completion of the… Read More