Coastal Vulnerability Studies Project Update

Phase 6 of the Coastal Vulnerability Studies Project is currently underway.

CWA is grateful for the opportunity to have been involved with the Indigenous Services Canada & Skidegate First Nations Coastal Vulnerability Studies since 2017. The studies, which are currently in their sixth phase, are assessing the vulnerability of key infrastructure within First Nations’ coastal communities to the effects of climate change (sea-level rise), storm surge, and earthquake-induced tsunamis.

Thus far, CWA and its sub-consultant, CMO Consultants, have studied roughly 25 communities, with an additional 7 sites during Phase 6. The results of the studies can serve as a tool to provide community-planning data, lend credence to anecdotal accounts of historical climate change, spur adaptive planning, and encourage the formation of climate-adaptation champions within First Nations communities.

It has been a privilege for our engineering team to have the opportunity to visit the First Nations communities involved in the studies, not simply to acquire the necessary technical information, but to also experience the beautiful landscape, engage with local community members, and to learn more about the culture and traditions of each unique community.

Images of Hartley Bay (taken in 2018).

Images of Hartley Bay are used with the kind permission of the Gitga’at First Nation.

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