2024 Mining for Miracles Pie Throw Fundraiser

A British Columbia Mining Industry Tradition

The Mining for Miracles (M4M) Pie Throw fundraiser is a BC mining industry tradition in support of the BC Children’s Hospital. This signature event takes place during BC Mining Month each May, bringing together the industry’s leaders in the spirit of friendly competition. The funds raised help keep BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) at the forefront of pediatric-care excellence and improve the quality of health care for children in the province. Since its inception in 1988, M4M has raised more than $40 million, with 100% of the funds raised going to support the hospital.

Milestone Achievement

This year’s M4M Pie Throw campaign marks the milestone achievement of the multi-year goal to raise $3.58 million in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Preventative Health Initiative (PHI). M4M accomplished this goal within just two years, one year ahead of the original target date! The combined total amount raised for the Precision Health Initiative since 2023 has reached an amazing $3,932,836.

The PHI represents state-of-the-art medical research that will improve BC Children’s Hospital’s ability to provide answers for children with previously undiagnosed conditions, offering new information and hope to children and families who have often been on a long diagnostic odyssey. Learn more about the PHI funding initiative HERE.

Community Impact

Norda Stelo-CWA believes in making a difference in the communities in which they operate, and achieves this not only through their philanthropic efforts, but also by striving to ensure that every project has a positive and significant impact on their clients, partners, communities, and the planet. It’s a commitment shared by every member of the organization. In six years of M4M fundraising, Norda Stelo-CWA has raised over $104,000, and looks forward to continuing the tradition of giving back to local communities.

The 2024 Results:

The competition concluded on Thursday, May 23rd. Thank you to everyone who donated to support BC Children’s Hospital and make it possible for BCCH to provide the best possible health care and hope to BC’s kids.

Team Norda Stelo-CWA, represented by Dave Lidder, raised a total of $11,995, the eight Engineering Battle Royale competitors raised a combined total of $108,634, and as a group, the 33 participants raised over $1,652,836! As an added bonus, Team Silver emerged victorious to handily beat Team Gold by a significant margin — see results below.

The Engineering Battle Royale:

Get Ready for the Pies to Fly

Mark your calendars, as the pies will fly over three action-packed days, from Tuesday, June 18th to Thursday, June 20th.  The three-part video series will be shared on the social media channels and on www.miningformiracles.ca over three excitement-building days. Follow CWA-Norda Stelo on LinkedIn and Facebook  and YouTube to join in the Pie Throw fun!


And once again, thank you to everyone for supporting the 2024 Mining for Miracles fundraiser in support of BC Children’s Hospital. Your donations make it possible for BCCH to provide the best possible health care to BC’s kids.